Premature babywear and what to look for when buying from a baby clothes shop

Whether you are a first time parent or have a football team at home - your stomach might do flip-flops at the very sight of newborn baby clothes. So small and delicate, they're adorable and hard to resist. However, your goal should be to fill your baby's drawers with practical new born baby clothes and avoid items that could potentially make your baby uncomfortable or girls baby clothes / baby boy clothes that are a waste of money . You also need to consider softness, durability, and safety; at this age, style should be the last thing on your mind.

Premature babies clothes are especially irresistible there's no doubt. But when you actually use some of it, you're left wondering how anyone thought it was the least bit useful. Have you purchased premature baby wear that turned out to be a huge waste of money either because they didn't fit right or because they just weren't practical. Manufacturers and designers know that babies clothes are hard to resist - and they know that you want to clothe your baby in the very best.
But here's the thing, your baby will grow so fast - and sleep so much - that all those tiny versions of grown up clothes will go to waste; it's like throwing money out the window. Save the designer purchases for later on when your baby has grown a bit and will be able to wear them for a longer period of time. Hand knitted baby clothes tend to be more practical at this stage and definately more personal as a gift.

The first six to ten weeks of a premature baby's life requires a few key pieces of baby clothing. While it's always tempting to buy every piece of clothing you see it's entirely unnecessary. Also you probably have friends and parents that are bombarding you with baby clothes to help get you started.
First things are first - you need to get organized. Storing all these new baby clothes can get overwhelming really quick if you don't have a game plan in place when you start. Don't feel as though you have to use - or accept - every hand-me-down item that is given to you. While you will save a significant amount of money by using hand-me-down baby clothes, it will only serve to make you more anxious if you run out of room to store all the baby clothes.

Use a checklist of newborn clothing essentials to help get you through the first 8 weeks of your new baby's life. While the list we've created seems small, we recommend that you purchase duplicates of the items, thus reducing the amount of time you will spend doing baby laundry in those first precious (and sleep-deprived!) weeks. Although it's easy to find preemie sizes in a baby clothes shop or on websites, not all clothes will work for every premature baby. A baby's size, condition, and medical equipment all play a role in what preemie clothes he or she can wear.

Crochet hats for baby: Hats are a must in the ICU, even for very small or very sick preemies. Covering the head helps babies stay warm, and preemie hats are an easy knitting or crocheting project.
Nappy covers: Even the smallest and sickest ICU patients can wear a colorful cover over the diaper.
Knitted baby slippers: Although it can be hard to keep booties on tiny feet, they are adorable and can be worn by even very small babies with complex medical conditions.
Bodysuits: Bodysuits, like Gerber Onesies T, can be worn by stable babies without umbilical lines, whose skin is fully developed.
Sleepers: One-piece pajamas with long sleeves and feet are wonderful for babies who are transitioning from a warm incubator to an open crib. Sleepers are easiest to use when they snap up the front, as monitor cords can be threaded out between the snaps. Zippers are harder to work with.

How to Wash Preemie Clothes
Preemies have sensitive skin and delicate respiratory systems, and strong odors or harsh chemicals may cause allergic reactions. Preemie clothes should be washed in warm or hot water, in a smoke free environment, using detergent that is perfume and dye free. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets should not be used. Preemie clothes should always be washed before wearing to remove dust and ensure cleanliness.

Crocheting or knitting for babies can be a wonderful way to show your love for the preemies in your life. Whether you are knitting a set of hats for a loved one who is expecting or making preemie quilts to donate to your local ICU. However for those not able to crochet or knit baby clothes you can always shop for baby clothes and instead of buying the usual commercialised clothes buy something more personalised like crocheted baby clothes or dresses for newborn babies

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